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Maegen Blom, Mills Bay Mussels

Take care as you approach Maegen Blom: she’s like a snowball rolling down a snow-covered hill that will scoop you up and whisk you along the road to great-big mussel-love. She’s also an example of how small actions from one individual can cause ever-bigger effects, resulting in huge impact. Co-founder of Young Fish Aotearoa NZ – encouraging young professionals in the seafood industry – and Operations Manager at Mills Bay Mussels, Maegen's enthusiasm for the promotion of New Zealand mussels as a delicious, sustainable and healthy food is contagious and is inspiring so many to explore the incredible culinary potential of the iconic Greenshell™. A finalist in the emerging leaders category of the Seafood Sustainability Awards 2020, she conceptualised and opened the tasting room and eatery at the front of the Mills Bay packhouse and is now heading the charge as the bright spark and leader of the Raw Shuck Revolution.





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